Salvus Hybrid Lid Lifter

The essential tool for every technician who needs to access underground services.  manufactured from steel and aluminium, the Salvus Hybrid Lid Lifter combines strength with excellent portability.


Very fast & simple to operate, this robust lid lifter can be used to access:

  • sewer manholes
  • stormwater manholes
  • communication pits
  • pump stations

Compatible to many different types of covers including: 

  • precast concrete covers
  • concrete filled cast iron covers
  • steel covers
  • diamond covers
  • multi-part covers
  • centre lift covers
  • side lift covers

Weight: 12.5 kgs


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Simply the best lid lifter on the market!




Coversafe Manhole Barrier


The Coversafe Manhole Barrier addresses the issue of manhole/confined space dangers, allowing organisations to conform with AS/NZ 2865.2009 Safe Working in a Confined Space.

The barrier is constructed from strong, light weight polypropylene with a substantial load rating.


Sewer and stormwater manholes are the most common confined space in residential and commercial areas, and in many instances, the most easily accessible.  However, many deaths over the years have been caused during regulation manhole inspections by inhalation of air that is both oxygen starved and rich in noxious gases.


The lockable Coversafe barrier prevents all unauthorised access as well as displaying clear warnings and safety procedures to all contractors carrying out regulation inspections and works on site.


In addition, provision is made on the barrier for a sticker printed by the local authority with specific contact details etc.


Also included on each Coversafe Manhole barrier is the ‘Confined Space’ sign to AS1319 as shown below:




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